Kro Assisted Living


Personalized care in a family environment.

Care Focus

Memory Care

People who are living with Alzheimer's and dementia require a specialized approach to care from an experienced staff. Not every assisted living home can adequately provide for people living with Alzheimer's and dementia nor will they be knowledgeable, versed, or aware of the peculiarities involved with such care. Memory Care requires a staff to be familiar with a wide and ranging variety of care needs such as being knowledgeable of  medication sensitivities, appropriately handling of hallucination events, deescalating episodes of paranoia, and providing 24-hour awake staff for residents who exhibit sundowning to name but a few. We specialize in providing the highest quality Memory Care for our residents.

Hygiene & Incontinence

All of our incontinence care supplies and hygiene requirements are provided by Kro and all care needs are performed by our specially trained staff. When someone needs another to keep proper personal hygiene or is living with incontinence issues, respect and dignity become extremely important. Kro staff members provide care in these areas in the most respectful way possible.

Family Environment

Our small, family-style environment is perhaps our biggest contrast from other places. The home has a great feel to it which promotes comfort and familiarity for residents, families, visitors, and staff. The small environment coupled with our tight-knit staff, allows each resident to be personally connected with throughout the day. Bigger, more institutional places can allow for residents to "slip through the cracks" but not so at Kro.

Wandering & Agitation

Wandering, agitation, fidgeting, sundowning, restlessness can all be common symptoms of the Alzheimer's and dementia diseases. Our home has been altered to reduce agitating patterns in the environment, diminish shadows in all rooms, and increase light in all our areas as an effort to help lower instances of wandering and agitation. We also take every precaution possible to keep our residents safe from harm at all times of the day and the night. Every exterior door and ground-floor window of ours is equipped with a wander alarm, each bedroom has a camera installed, and our 24-hour awake staff responds to any resident of ours who is awake, at any hour.

Stress Reduction

Besides serving our residents, we also serve our resident's families. Many families who choose Kro report a big reduction in overall stress in their lives. No longer do families have to constantly worry about the safety of their loved one, whether they are eating properly, taking their medications correctly, or are kept busy and engaged. Family members can continue to live their lives with reduced worry.


The home environment has undergone extensive renovations to make sure that everything is accessible for anyone who uses a wheelchair, has mobility issues, or needs help transferring. All of our showers are roll-in for wheelchairs with grab bars and handrails in all the places you'd want them. Upon entering our home, you will notice our state-of-the-art, custom-fitted Harmar Helix stairlift that allows easy access to both floors. Whether a resident is bed-bound or the world's most active wanderer, our staff is also well trained in using gait belts, Hoyer lifts, and physical transferring techniques that keep our residents moving, safe, and comfortable.

Medication Management

Many of our residents require specialized medications that must be taken in a certain order, certain time, or in a certain fashion. Some medications can also have incredibly harmful effects with certain diseases (like some antipyschotics with Lewy Body Dementia). Even some over-the-counter medications can have a disastrous impact on seniors living with chronic diseases. You cannot afford to make mistakes with medication management and our knowledgeable staff, medication policies, and personal care plans help us safely address each of our resident's medication needs.

Activities & Engagement

Many seniors who have assisted living needs lose interest in things they once loved to do and can exhibit reduced levels of activity. At Kro, residents are appropriately engaged throughout the day socially, through recreation, and through physical activity. Our small, family style environment allows us the opportunity to connect with our residents and cater to them as individuals. Many of the activities we provide are as unique and creative as our residents.


Good food is incredibly important to properly providing healthy senior care. All of our meals are prepared and cooked in-house and fresh food is bought weekly. Our staff provides hot meals, snacks, and drinks at anytime throughout the day. We often get very excited cooking new dishes and we have a lot of fun trying new and interesting recipes for our residents. All of our meals are nutritious, balanced, and are always made to a high standard.